Покровская больница

Our directions

Pocrovskayia hospital presents treatment and diagnostic procedures:

Cardiology: the treatment for the ischemic heart disease, hypertensive disease, myocarditis in the hospital department (or in the first class ward).

Cardiac surgery: up-to-date methods in interventional cardiology
City Antiarrhythmic Center: the treatment for all types cardiac arrhythmias in the ambulatory and in the hospital department
Surgery: endovideosurgery (laparoscopic surgery). Examination and treatment for the gastro-intestinal diseases, hernias of the different localization, biletract diseases, surgical treatment for the varicose disease.
Orthopedics and Traumatology: diagnostics and treatment for the musculoskeletal system diseases, endoprosthetics, arthroscopy.
Neurology: diagnostics and treatment for the cerebral vascular disease, insults (ischemic, hemorrhagic and subarachnoid hemorrhages), early rehabilitation of patients with the cerebral circulation impairment. There is an optimal balance of the classic and modern methods of the general improving health therapy. Treatment for the osteochondrosis using different types of the physiotherapy, reflex therapy, acupuncture and exercise therapy.
Otorhinolaryngology (ENT): diagnostics and treatment for the upper respiratory tracts diseases. Treatment for the acute and chronic rhinitis, hearing deficit using modern methods. Cryosurgery of the masses of the face, nose, auricles of the ear.
Stomatology/ Dental: all types of the therapeutic and surgical procedures, prosthetics. X-ray examination. Implantology.
Endoscopic Examination: all types of the endoscopy with biopsy and histological identification, bacteriologic tests. Removal of the stomach and large intestine polyps.
Ultrasound examination: all types of the ultrasound examination: liver and gallbladder, pancreas, kidneys, its vessels and all urogenital system, thyroid gland, mammary gland, prostate (with rectal sensor); ultrasound examination with the expert class apparatus, which make it possible to see vessels of all organs and systems (brain, neck, heart etc.)
Functional diagnostic: 1. Echocardiography, transoesophagus echocardiography, veloergometry, electroencephalography.
2. Aspiration biopsy of formations (thyroid gland, mammary gland, lymphatic knots) under ultrasound examination control.
3. Ethanol destruction of the thyroid gland nodal formations under ultrasound examination control.
Computer tomography (examination with the X-ray contrast substance and without it)

MRT (with contrast substance and without it)

Plastic surgery and cosmetology: all types of the plastic, reconstruction and aesthetic operations, using endoscope methods. Medical cosmetology, ultrasound epilating.
Rehabilitation department.
Urology and andrology: men’s health room, treatment for the latent infection.
Laboratory Diagnostics: all types.
Psychologist: psychotherapy, psycho correction, psycho prophylaxis.

Покровская больница