Покровская больница


Pokrovski Hospital was established on November 1, 1859. At first it was a small 10 beds hospital, and it was a part of Pokrovski Nurse Community. Community was established and was under the patronage of grand duchess Alexandra Petrovna. She was a daughter of Princess Terezia and Prince Petr Georgievich Oldenburghskij. Now it is a modern multiple-discipline hospital. About 1000 employees are working in Pokrovski hospital, among them 200 are highly qualified physicians.

During the First World War the Community sent to the front 45 nurses. After the October Revolution of 1917 Pokrovski Nurse Community became a part of Russian International Red Cross Society Department.
On April 22, 1920 on a base of the hospital was opened 20 beds “Gavanskij Public Hospital”. On November 7, 1926 after the renewal reequipped 110 beds hospital building was opened.
Till the end of 30-ies the number of beds expanded to 600.

During the Second World War at the time of Leningrad Blockade the hospital cared for injured front-line soldiers and city inhabitants.

In 1964 specialized infarct department with intensive observation ward was opened for the first time in Russia.
In 1975 was built and started its exploitation “Cardiological” building. In a new building two infarct departments, department of intensive therapy and reanimation, two cardiological departments, also other diagnostic services were located.
In 1978 Antiarrhythmic City Center was established. In the same year by the staff of this department the first in the city twenty-four-hour intensive therapy ward for patients with acute heart rhythm failure was organized.
In 1988 Cardiosurgery Department was established in the hospital.
From early 30-ies Traumatological Department works in the hospital. In 1931 the hospital became a multiple-discipline hospital. Since this period department for neurological patients treatment started its work as a part of the hospital.
On June 17, 2002 Otorinolaringology Department was established.
On August 2002 physicians of functional diagnostic department successfully started to exploit a new equipment for ultrasound diagnostic Vivid 3 Expert. This ultrasound device gives an opportunity to provide a wide spectrum of ultrasound checks.
In 2002 a new electrophysiology lab Prucka CardioLab 4000 with 96 channels of registration and 160 catheter entrances started to be exploit.
In November 2002 first successful cardiosurgeries with usage of a new electrophysiological laboratory were conducted.
In 2002 the exploitation of a new roentgensurgery setting OKO RTC-612 began.
In 2004 department of roengensurgery methods of diagnostic and treatment equipped with angiography device of last generation “Advantx LCV+” (general Electric) was opened in the hospital. This devise lets to conduct angiography of brain vessels with the reconstruction of their 3D structure, angiography of heart vessels, angiography of abdominal cavity and limbs; diagnostic heart catheterization with angiocardiography in cases of inherent and acquired heart disease; angiopulmonography and retrograde cavography; coronary balloon angioplasty. Usage of last generation MRI “Sigma Infiniti 1,0 T” device significantly increased diagnostic abilities of Pokrovski hospital.

Покровская больница